Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Beyoncé comes to Glasgow...

beyonce mrs carter tour

Beyoncé is bringing her Mrs Carter Tour to Scotland, to Glasgow and to the new and fabulous SSE Hydro and we’ve got tickets…. And we also have 40 beautiful bedrooms only 10 minutes from the SSE Hydro here at Halo Crowwood Hotel, Halo, Halo, Halo and were hosting 2 Beyoncé parties that are must attend events.

It’s interesting that Beyoncé has chosen to call her tour after her husband’s name. Why do you think this is? Since only the finest popstars manage to become a global megastar under one name only, its surprising that Beyoncé has decided to tour under married name of Mrs Carter. Unlike Gaga and Madonna, Beyoncé does not regularly reinvent herself she has never needed to make any big changes and she has always been really private about her private life. However over time, Beyoncé has not only allowed her personal life to become more public but decided to make family life her defining feature. For her sixth album, Beyoncé will be a mother, a devoted wife and a single lady no more!

Her surprise album released on iTunes on December 13th is an enormous hit and Apple have announced that the video and song collection sold over 800,000 copies in three days, making it the fastest-selling iTunes album ever. But don’t delay because its only available as a bundle until December 20th, after that its suggested that you can download single tuner - Woop Woop!

At Halo Crowwood Hotel we are hosting a 2 day party extravaganza for our Beyoncé residents to celebrate the mega-superstars arrival into Glasgow. You will be Beyoncified from the moment you arrive. The welcome pack in your bedroom with beers, rose wine and sparkling water and savoury and sweet snacks will relax you before you join the Beyoncé Bomb Cocktail Party followed by Blue Ivy sliders and pasta buffet all enjoyed to the sound of Beyoncé’s greatest hits. We can also arrange transport to and from the Hydro and when you return exited and buzzing from the most amazing concert you've ever attended the sound of Beyoncé will greet you as a hot finger buffet is served before we dance the night away.

To join our Beyoncé extravaganza call 0141 779 3861, email or visit for your opportunity to celebrate Beyoncé in Glasgow Halo style.

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