Monday, 9 December 2013

Crowwood Hotel - The Vows Awards 2013

Crowwood Hotel - The Vows Awards 2013 Winner Katy Kaskonas

Crowwood Hotel - The Vows Awards 2013

Flourishing with the exclusivity and glamour which its fantastic Las Vegas theme facilitated, The Vows Awards 2013 commended some of the finest companies and people for their excellent service within the Scottish wedding industry. With an array of much sought-after awards on offer, this prestigious event is certainly a highlight within the industry’s calendar. Indeed, making the occasion all the more special is the fact that winners are voted for by recently married couples, helping to facilitate in providing a more intimate and personal time for all of those involved.

With such an excellent display of companies and people competing for such awards, the Crowwood Hotel is proud to announce that Katy Kaskonas from our sister hotel Burnhouse Manor was awarded as the best wedding venue coordinator. Indeed, Katy’s unrivalled level of specialist wedding venue expertise has served to facilitate in creating a range of bespoke weddings for numerous guests. Her work has served to create tailored weddings, fulfilling guests’ every desire, providing a truly unforgettable day for the besotted couple and their guests alike.  As a result, we at the Crowwood Hotel are especially proud to see Katy being praised for her excellent service, work that has resonated with many of her guests.

We at the Crowwood Hotel believe in providing a truly unforgettable wedding in true Scottish style. Choose to indulge yourself in our Winter wedding package and enjoy a range of enticing delights, from a scrumptious four course wedding meal to an evening buffet for only £999. With a focus channelled specifically upon providing an intimate and spellbinding wedding, the Crowwood Hotel will certainly facilitate in fulfilling your every wedding desire. Enjoy mouth-watering eating and drinking facilities at the Crowwood Hotel for guests to truly indulge themselves in. Late availability wedding dates are also currently on offer for those besotted coupled looking to tie the knot in the near future!

Spend your wedding with us at the Crowwood Hotel and treat yourself to a majestic wedding like no other!

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